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SC Carts focuses on unique parts and accessories for our custom golf carts and we also have a fully equipped fabrication shop with CNC equipment to keep our carts ahead of the fleet. So when we build our custom carts we let our imagination run wild! Below are just some of the parts we add to our SC custom carts!

Already have a Precedent? Jump over to our parts store to purchase exclusive SC Carts' parts to take your cart game to the next level!

We're bursting at the seams with custom rims & tires and we can't fit them all on this page. Check out all of our rims & tires here!

Want to stand out in the crowd? We get that! That's why SC Carts has lots of body options for you: single color paint—check! two tone paint—check! a new factory body—check! or a custom body—check!! With so many options and our own in house down draft paint booth, we make it happen!

We have just as many roof options to work with too, depending on the look we are after, we have white and black roofs, custom painted roofs, & our exclusive SC Carts roof system to get the exact look we are going for!

Custom seats add unique style to our carts! SC Carts produces its own custom seats for the Club Car Precedent in house. We combine the highest quality marine grade fabrics and unsurpassed craftsmanship to give our seats that custom look. Because we have an in house upholstery department our seat designs flow seamlessly with the over all cart design.

Whether you have a need for speed, torque, or more, SC Carts is here to help with four performance motor and controller options including a private speed setting, the SC Carts Speedster, the SC Carts Speedster Plus, and the SC Carts Torkster. We've got all theinformation and specs you need here.

Upgraded Motors & Controllers

SC Carts knows that it is important that your custom cart not only looks awesome, but that it performs equally spectacular as well! That is why SC Carts has come out with its very own line of exclusive high performance motor packages for the Club Car Precedent. Keeping with our green focus, we have partnered with an American company who specializes exclusively in the design and remanufacturing of performance electric motors.

Each and every one of our SC Carts' custom motors is a remanufactured motor which has been completely rebuilt and upgraded using the highest quality components exceeding OEM standards. Our motors are designed exclusively to optimize every ounce of performance that the Club Car Precedent has to offer—after all the Precedent is all we build!

  • Speedster Plus
  • Top Speed 28 - 30 mph
  • Torque 64 ft/lbs

Speedster: Includes high speed motor designed to be used with stock Club Car Precedent controller
Speedster Plus: Includes speedster motor and 500 amp Curtis controller
Torkster: Includes Torkster motor and 500 amp Curtis controller
SC Drive: Includes SC drive motor 600 amp AC controller

Above pricing is subject to a $150 core charge
* Private Speed Setting Note: Customer cart must be brought to our facility for reprogramming
** All speeds are calculated with a good condition stock Club Car Precedent with a good battery pack, 4 gauge wires, no brakes dragging and factory 18" tires on level hard ground. A 1-3mph top speed gain can be expected with larger diameter tires**

With an upgraded speed setting, controller, or motor the golf cart will not conform to ANSI Z130.1 "Standard for Golf Cars - Safety and Performance Requirements" because it is capable of speeds in excess of 15 miles per hour. The user uses this product at their own risk.

What is Torque all about?

Quite simply, Torque is the force that helps the cart start moving from a stop and it is also the force which pulls it up hills. The more weight on the cart or the steeper the incline of the hill, the more torque that is required to move the cart.

Below is a chart that shows the required amount of torque in ft/lbs for an electric cart to climb varying grades of slopes in four most commonly used configurations. To calculate the grade of your road or path that your cart will be used on you need to divide the rise over the run ie: as a simple example if you have an elevation difference of 10' from the bottom of your path to the top of your path and your path is 100' long you would simply take 10 divided by 100 and you would end up with 10. That would mean your path has a 10% grade. With this information along with using the chart below you can determine what power requirements you need for your particular application. Once you have determined the amount of torque needed for your application you can then match your requirements with one of our 4 performance options.

  • Level Ground
  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • Stock Cart
    200 lbs 18" wheels
  • Level 2.4 ft/lbs
  • 10% 13 ft/lbs
  • 20% 23 ft/lbs
  • 40% 41 ft/lbs
  • Stock Cart
    800 lbs 18" wheels
  • Level 3.1 ft/lbs
  • 10% 16 ft/lbs
  • 20% 26 ft/lbs
  • 40% 53 ft/lbs
  • Lifted Cart
    200 lbs 23" wheels
  • Level 3.6 ft/lbs
  • 10% 20 ft/lbs
  • 20% 36 ft/lbs
  • 40% 65 ft/lbs
  • Lifted Cart
    800 lbs 23" wheels
  • Level 4.6 ft/lbs
  • 10% 26 ft/lbs
  • 20% 46 ft/lbs
  • 40% 83 ft/lbs

** The above torque figures are calculated on a cart which is already in motion, most paths or roadways start with a flat area to get the cart rolling. If your application requires you to start on a hill you will need to add approximately 10% to the above figures to determine how much torque you will need in order for the cart to start on a certain % grade.**

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SC Carts has you covered for batteries whether you're looking for top of the line lead acid batteries or low maintenance AGM batteries. Get in touch with us to get all of the information you need to choose your batteries!

Nothing goes better with summer cruising then some great tunes! We work with the best options for our cart stereos. see options:

SC Carts MTX Sound Tube Stereo System:

Listen to your favorite music on the road, golf course, or on your way to the beach with this versatile and rugged bluetooth sound bar! This sound system from MTX is a universal sound bar solution that is designed to deliver exceptional audio quality to any off or on road vehicle. Turn your cart into the life of the party!

More options are on the horizon — check back or check in with us for more info!

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The most important maintenance for your electric cart is keep the batteries charged, we make it easy with several different charging solutions. see options:

SC Carts Roof Mount Solar Charging:

With our unique design the system takes care of everything, from optimizing your charge levels to ensuring your batteries do not overcharge. With this package installed on your cart, it will improve your range, and decrease the amount of time your cart has to be plugged into a 110v outlet. Our thin film technology solar panel contours perfectly to the roof of the golf cart giving it a factory look.

· Continuous charging
· Overcharge protection
· Longer run times
· Longer battery life
· Less charging with a 110 outlet

SC Solar Ready Option:

Do you already have a solar panel for your home, cabin or RV? With our SC solar ready option we install the solar control brain into your cart along with a charging port which then allows you to connect your existing solar panel right to your cart. This gives you the same advantages as our roof mount system except you use your existing solar panel.

Battery Maintainer:

Does your cart sit for long periods at a time? If your someone who goes away during the winter months, or someone who would rather not worry about charging your batteries during the winter months, then our battery maintainer is exactly what you need. Simply give your cart a full charge with your regular battery charger and then plug the battery maintainer in for long term storage and let it work its magic. When you come back your cart will be fully charged and ready to use.

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Here is something that really gives SC Carts' golf carts that touch of class and sets them apart from everyone else's. We designed our SC Carts custom floor mats specifically for the Club Car Precedent and these beautiful mats are available in three different options: black with grey pinstripes, black with grey diamond, or black with tan pinstripes. The mats are finished off with custom floor sills that get heads turning everywhere.

Cruising around after dark and need lights, want to know how fast you are going, need to give a good honk? SC Carts has some awesome machines ready for the road!

Functionality that lets you stand out in the crowd! That's what SC Carts had in mind for the following golf cart accessories:

Looking cool or really needing the extra height clearance, our lifted carts can take you to the next level!

Moving people or stuff - look no further!


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