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SC Carts has the most unique golf carts with the exclusive NXT

Let us help you leave normal in the rear view mirror!


We build cool carts that can fit every budget.

Let us amaze you with our quality while meeting your price point.


SC Carts makes purchasing the coolest custom golf cart easy!

Let us match you up with the perfect, custom cart just for you!


Stand out! SC Carts specializes in innovative carts and components to make our custom carts stand out in a crowd. If you are after a one of a kind cart with cool parts look no further!

GOLF CART Inventory

Time for a new cart? It has to be an SC Carts one off custom cart. Check out our inventory for your custom dream golf cart. We have golf carts in stock and customs on deck that are ready to be taken home today!

Why a Golf Cart?

Excuse me? Golf carts aren't just for golf?
No they aren't! Our customers purchase golf carts for many different applications, including resort transportation, cabin and lake house runabouts, camping buggies, off road adventure carts, and agricultural workhorses. But don't stop there—there are plenty more uses of custom golf carts. And of course, there are still many people who just want to use their cart for golf and we love them too! No matter what your application, SC Carts can help! It is well worth considering an SC golf cart for your unique application, you will be surprised at their versatility!
What kind of accessories can I find on my golf cart?
Golf cart accessory options are endless... If you can dream it, chances are SC Carts offers it on our carts. If what you are looking for is truly unique then you have come to the right place for your cart! Come take a look at our parts page and see what we mean!
Easy on the pocketbook and easy to maintain...
With an electric SC golf cart there is no need for fuel, or oil and this can mean big cost savings over the life of your cart. So whether you are a single cart owner, a small company with a couple carts or a company that runs a fleet of carts, an SC cart electric cart will save you money, while being virtually hassle free and as and added bonus they are whisper quiet.
You'll have a blast. We're sure of it!
Let's face it custom carts are FUN! The majority of our customers will spend countless hours with friends and family at the resort buzzing around together, some sharing stories while enjoying a round of golf with a buddy and others will use them around their community to go for dinner or to the local amenities for a workout or a swim in the pool. Regardless of what you use your cart for, there is just something that happens when you sit in a custom cart that makes you feel like a kid again!

Let's go

Did you know?
We offer financing! Contact us for info today!
Have questions?
We've got answers to the most asked golf cart questions on our FAQ page.

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