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We collected the most frequently asked questions below, enjoy!
What is the difference between SC Carts and my local golf cart dealer?

SC Carts is a manufacture with a complete customization department. What this means is that we have our own exclusive line of new production carts called the NXT. The NXT is a very well equipped cart in it's base format but you can have us customize it to take it to the next level. Your local golf cart dealer is a reseller of other lines of golf carts, when you are dealing with SC Carts you are dealing directly with the manufacture.

Why did SC Carts decide to produce their own line of electric carts?

Fresh ideas & great value! It became time to bring something fresh to the golf cart industry that was loaded with great standard features at a reasonable price point. By producing our own line of carts, we can do just that! We get complete control over the product, which allows us to push the boundaries that were set by having to be a dealer for existing products on the market.

How Can SC Carts offer their NXT at such a great price even though it has way more standard features?

Being the manufacture of the NXT and selling directly to our customers, we have cutout the dealer markup that is typically found when dealing with a golf cart dealer. We have decided to go manufacture direct to our customers and passed the savings on to you!

The inventory page doesn't include anything that suits my exact needs, will SC Carts custom build me a cart to my specs?

Absolutely, although we are continually building custom carts for our inventory we understand that one of our in stock units may not perfectly suit your needs. We are experts at what we do and we will work with you to design a cart that meets exactly what you are after, we pride ourselves on building unique one of a kind carts. Most of the time our customers come in with a general idea of what they are after and then let us take the reins from there.

Why does SC Carts choose electric vs gas carts?

SC Carts is always focused on being environmentally responsible and electric carts provide a zero emission mode of transportation. Electric carts are virtually silent when operating which is becoming mandatory in many golf and resort communities. Electric transportation is the way of the future so it makes perfect sense that this is our focus.

How long will my cart last on a charge?

Many things can affect the driving range of your cart, including ambient temperature, terrain, driving conditions, payload, driving habits, battery age and tire pressure. A properly charged stock cart with healthy batteries can attain over 50kms on a single charge. If you take the same cart, add a lift kit, 4 people and hilly terrain and that range can easily be cut down in half or more. Because each of our customers applications are different, we encourage our customers to keep track of how they use the cart and the range they are getting for the first while when they purchase their new cart. This will help determine the capabilities and range of your cart for your particular application.

Help! I'm confused about the whole charging process.

Charging your cart is as easy as plugging in a lamp. Each NXT comes equipped with an onboard charger that into a standard 110v wall socket with the supplied charging cord. It takes approximately 8hrs to fully charge your cart, and the charger automatically turns off when the charging process is complete. The batteries in your golf cart are not like the old cell phones days where you wanted to let them go dead before charging, it is actually very important to keep your batteries in a charged state and it won't hurt to top them up during the day if you are using your cart a lot, otherwise a charge overnight is always recommended to ensure a long healthy battery life.

What is SC Drive and why does SC Carts use them in their NXT's

SC Drive is our motor and controller combination that we use to power our NXT's. After many years in the electric golf cart industry we have chosen to use an AC drive system over a DC drive system to power all of our carts. Some of the main reasons for this is that there are no parts to maintain in an AC motor, also the drive system is approximately 30% more efficient over DC and offers unmatched climbing capabilities.

How long has SC Carts been in business?

SC Carts started building custom carts in 2010, previous to that the owners were successful in the aircraft industry where they owned and operated a manufacturing company which was started in 2000 and then bought out in 2010 which led to the beginning of building the coolest electric carts on the planet!

I do not live near the SC Carts facility, can I still purchase an SC Cart?

Absolutely! If you are too far away to come pick up your cart we can arrange to have your cart shipped right to your location, we ship SC Carts world wide.

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