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You have done your research, you have scoured the used classified adds, you have talked to your local golf cart dealer and now you are more confused than ever! Don't panic! SC Carts is here to make your cart purchasing experience enjoyable and easy. If you are still on the fence on which cart is right for you, jump over here to see which of the NXTs by SC Carts fits you best!

Once you've decided your perfect model, this page is for you to find inspiration from our past builds! You can either build your own NXT by selecting your paint color, upholstery, etc. or pick one of our SC Carts' design from our current inventory!

Whether you are looking for a cart with some mild upgrades or a one of a kind custom buggy that will rock the pants off your neighbor, SC Carts has what you are after. Each one of SC Carts' customs are based on our exclusive line of NXT electric vehicles, we have several models from golf to work that will suit your needs. SC Carts builds the most unique and exclusive carts on the planet! You can also check out our current inventory of one off customs!

Select from one of the four categories below to see previous builds from SC Carts that will light your design fire!

Golf / Fairway Carts

SC Carts can help you look great while cruising around on the golf course, when you step out of the cart your on your own. With endless accessories and custom touches, SC Carts' golf carts are custom tailored with the end user in mind. So whether your just starting out or you're an old pro, SC Carts has you covered! The NXT G2 is the perfect ride for golfers!

Accessories perfect for the loaded NXT G2 include:
  • Club & ball washer
  • Cooler
  • Single point watering system
  • Club protector canopy
  • underseat storage
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Resort / Cottage Carts

Don't keep up with the Joneses—Be the Jones! SC Carts sets you apart in the neighbourhood with cool designs and a beautiful fit and finish. SC Carts is more then just skin deep—we know what really brings a smile to your face is the peace of mind knowing that your NXT was designed from the ground up with safety and value in mind! So go ahead and take up two parking stalls, you deserve it!

The best part about the NXT R4 is is already comes loaded with:
  • a folding rear seat
  • LED light package: daytime running lights, Hi/lo beam, signals, tail/brake lights, reverse lights and horn
  • extended roof
  • windshield
  • custom paint
  • custom 12" wheel and tire package
  • & a ton more - get all the details on the NXT R4!
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Backcountry Carts

When the weekend has arrived, SC Carts is right there with it. Our SC Carts will take you out to your favourite fishing hole, get the whole family to that great camping spot or just give you some time alone tearing up that old logging road. Whatever your weekend looks like SC Carts are always up for some fun.

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Work / Utility

SC Carts knows how important it is to have the right tools for the job. That's why we take the work out of building you the perfect work cart. The NXT W2 by SC Carts combines form, function and SC Carts style—You can haul dirt, or you can haul dirt and look good doing it!

The NXT W2 comes standard with:
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*Payments are based on 60 months at a 8.9% interest rate. Financing is subject to qualification, and final interest rate, terms and conditions will be based on approved credit (OAC).

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