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Carts as unique as our customers.
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Smart, Discerning, Fun

Those are just a couple words that can be used to describe an SC Cart customer. Our customers understand value, demand quality, and appreciate unique styling. SC Cart customers are not all business though, they enjoy letting their hair down and having a great time at their resort properties, their cabins, or on the links, and this is what SC Carts is all about, building carts as unique as our customers.

What about us? SC Carts is proud to be a unique custom cart company. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are happy while rolling around in the coolest carts!

How We Do It

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    Where it all begins. Hours of endless research & innovation leads to fresh thinking & new ways to push the development limits of our customs.
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    Where the pencil meets the paper. We take the innovative findings from our research and start to put them into action on electric vehicle designs.
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    Where things get fun. We leave the paper behind & get our hands dirty developing one of a kind custom electric vehicles.
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    Where the dream becomes reality! Research, design, & development come together to build the most unique customs.

Why Choose us

Quality products. Attention to detail. It's in the details...
With extensive background based in the aircraft manufacturing industry and high end custom metal fabrication, our attention to detail and the pride we take in providing our customers an amazing custom cart is what we value most. We continually strive to ensure the quality of our carts and the quality of our customer service is second to none.
Innovative thinking. We do that!
It is of utmost importance to us to provide the ultimate cart solution for each of our customers while also shaping the cart industry of the future. We are always pushing the envelope of new technology development.
We're green and we love it!
Unlike Kermit D Frog, we believe it is easy being green! SC Carts prides itself on using electric golf carts, and turns them into awesome one of a kind buggies without the pollution that comes from gas emissions. These carts are zero emission electric carts. We can proudly say that we are doing our part to be environmentally sustainable.
Purchasing made fun and easy! It's true!
Purchasing your cart should be just as fun as using it—that's why we have come up with our blog so our customers can feel like they are part of the building experience. It is important to us that each and every SC Carts customer feels like they are our only customer, after all our customers are the most important part of our company.


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